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BLACK VELVET DÈCOR & INTERIORS is an integrated supplier of interior products and services. The company‘s mission is to provide clients with an interior design service that includes expertise, organization and manufacturing resources to realize a successful interior decorating installation. It can also provide a complete supply solution for the project.
BLACK VELVET DÈCOR & INTERIORS offers an array of  products and install solutions for all projects. The company’s aim is to provide an installation that is beautiful, performs well and meets with clients expectations.

The company’s management team provides the co-ordination and support to ensure that proper specifications, quantities, co-ordination and logistics are met.
BLACK VELVET DÈCOR & INTERIORS has professional staff focused on project management, technical services, manufacturing & sourcing . They bring together expertise in their respective fields of furniture design and manufacturing, hotel, home and corporate interior design, and project management and engineering.
BLACK VELVET DÈCOR & INTERIORS strives to make the office and living space pleasurable.
We look forward in assisting and working with you.


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